NST logistics and stock info related to covid-19 (corona virus)

Dear customer and partner!

As of today, we are all in a state of emergency that together we should get the best out of. In regard to this matter we want to provide information from us in NST, Nippon Steel and further ask for as good bidirectional communication as possible.

Internally at NST, we have implemented all measures set by the Directorate of Health. About 80% of the workforce works from home, while only the most critical tasks in warehousing and logistics are operational at our head office / warehouse. We have also created an “extra team” that can go in and handle the warehousing / logistics function if someone in our warehouse gets symptoms or is quarantined. The flow of goods from our warehouse should be well secured !

We also have good control of our value chain through our main manufacturer Nippon Steel in Japan. The production goes as normal and they have of course also taken the necessary measures to maintain normal production ahead. In addition, freight and transport internally in Norway, also between national borders goes almost as normal, but it could be possible to expect somewhat delivery time than normal. We are constantly in close dialogue with our carriers about this, so if major deviations in delivery time is expected, you will be notified.

In Norway, NST has perhaps Europe’s largest stock of welding consumables (FCAW), which is set up to handle

major projects World Wide,and to smaller local partners. With this we want to give you the assurance that we will be able to deliver in the near future.

With safe and good access to most different welding consumables and qualities, there should be no reason to order more than normal. If there is a lack of qualities in the market, that what we don’t deliver today, then there is a possibility that we can help with that as well.

In order to be able to maintain this service and be able to stand through in terms of liquidity, we ask for immediate feedback on significant changes in production ahead or in general changes in demand in the market. This is how we can adapt inventory and production to have the opportunity to come through the crisis, while at the same time we are ready with you to speed up when things normalize.

In the moment we all sail under the same flag, and we have a great understanding that it is difficult to provide information about the time ahead, but all information about change is important. So we humbly ask for dialogue and open communication.

With the best wishes and warmest thoughts for the time to come.

Stay Healthy and take care !!

Frode Hagen
Sales Director