NST INOX Pickling bath

NST Pickling Bath for recreating a perfect corrosion resistant surface on stainless steels. Removes surface contamination like welding oxides and corrosion products. Rebuilds the chromium- depleted layer, improves corrosion resistance and produces a clean, aesthetically attractive appearance.
Use high pressure water jet for cleaning of materials as soon as possible after finished pickling process.

This product is toxic and has a strong caustic effect. For use in ventilated surroundings with prescribed protective equipment.
Please observe the hazard and safety advice on container label..

This product is a concentrate and must be diluted with water. To avoid hazardous boiling and spillage, remember always that the pickling acid goes into the water, and not the other way around. First water-then acid!

–        For all types of corrosion resistant materials
–         Bath process ensures optimal results
–         Clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance
–         Short reaction time (varies with mix proportions and heat)
–         Easy removal (use high pressure water jet)

Reaction time (v/ 20 C):
AISI 316L                 :           20 min.
SAF 2205(Duplex) :           60 min.

Packing details : Container 1000 kg / or request


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