NST INOX Pickling Spray

NST Pickling Spray for recreating a perfect corrosion resistant surface on stainless steels. Removes surface contamination like welding oxides and corrosion products. Rebuilds the chromium- depleted layer, improves corrosion resistance and produces a clean, aesthetically attractive appearance.
For treating smaller areas use NST Pickling Paste .
For optimal results avoid direct heat/sunlight during application as this will dry out the paste and reduce its effect.

This product is toxic and has a strong caustic effect. For use in ventilated surroundings with prescribed protective equipment.
Please observe the hazard and safety advice on container label.

–  For all types of corrosion resistant materials
–  Short reaction time
–  Slow dry-out process
–  Can be applied to moderately hot materials (< 40 C)
–  Easy removal (use high pressure water jet)

Reaction time (v/ 20 C):
AISI 316L  :  60 min.
SAF 2205(Duplex) :  180 min

Consumption  : 2-4 M²  pr. Kg.
Packing details : Box 20 kg / pallet 12 boxes


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