Announcement of NSSW Company Name Change

Announcement of AWS and ISO Classification Changes for NSSW Products

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Weld IT – WPQR solution

Introducing NST’s new partner for WPQR solutions. Contact us for more information.

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(only in Norwegian)

[email protected]

NST America establishes in Q1 2018

We are happy and proud to announce that we are establishing NST America in USA from Q1 2018.
Our new American division and office will be located in Center City in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
In addition, we sustain our main warehouse in near distance to the Port of Philadelphia.


NST America will serve both our existing and new customers in USA, Canada and Mexico.


Erik Rivrud, the executive of NST America, says: “We are really looking forward to starting this
establishment and the great and exciting task to expand NST’s operations and customer portfolio in America.
This will make us nearer in distance to our customers for the best follow-up and support experience,
in addition to greater customer relationships.”


More updates coming soon.



Erik Rivrud
[email protected]
Phone: +47 484 50 555

New NSSW carton box packaging design

A new Weldream themed carton box design has been made for all NSSW spools.
Please note that the product inside is still exactly the same.

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New Address NST Central Warehouse Norway

New address central warehouse:
Industriveien 28, Loesmoen Nord, 3300 Hokksund, Norway

GPS Pos:
59°45’56.1″N 9°56’17.5″E

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Changing of Nittetsu trade mark Logo to NSSW

From March 1st 2013 Nittetsu as trade mark logo on products from Nippon Steel is changed to NSSW logo.
Meaning, instead of Nittetsu SF-1A the new logo will read NSSW SF-1A.
For a period both brand names will be used due to our big stock, but everything produced after 1st of March will show NSSW only.

Be adviced that this only applies to the trade mark. Brand name (SF-1A, SF-3A, SM-3A etc.), manufacturer, manufacturing plant remains the same.

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New Trade Mark

Norsk Sveiseteknikk AS, Industriveien 28, Loesmoen Nord, 3300 Hokksund, Norway, Tel. +47 99 27 80 00